Men & Handling Divorce


Statistics estimate that 40 to 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. Since the turn of the 21st Century, divorce cases have increased significantly. Most legal systems in the world have also evolved to legalize the process of divorce. Despite both spouses being affected by the process of legal separation, men’s lives are impacted differently from women.

Divorce statistics have revealed that divorced men are more likely to suffer from terminal conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Depression, Stroke and Heart Diseases as compared to married men. Statistics have also shown that divorced men are more likely to engage in suicidal tendencies and substance abuse as compared to married men.

Psychologists postulate that divorce can take a heavier toll on men than women. This is because men start to grieve in the latter stages of the divorce. In the long run, men grieve for longer periods of time as compared to women. Naturally, women tend to be vocal about their emotional problems such as grief. On the other hand, men are more likely to suppress their emotions. This phenomenon explains why men suffer more than women, both physically and psychologically in the post-divorce period.

It is no secret that divorces take a heavy financial toll on both spouses. Further, it is arguable that the financial toll is heavier on men in most scenarios. From legal fees to child support, divorce cases incur hefty monetary burdens on men. In most legal separation cases, a matrimonial property is required to be split between the spouses accordingly. Liquidation of jointly-held assets can also deal a huge financial blow to male spouses; especially where the assets are their main source of income. In most cases, men are also required to pay more than women in child and spousal support money. However, other factors such as the income of both spouses are also considered.

The debate on the relationship between men & divorce has been ongoing for years. Despite most of the discussion focusing on the negative effects of divorce, several scholars have highlighted the benefits of divorce for men. Divorce acts as a conduit for a spouse’s self-discovery. After most divorces, men suffer from loss of identity. They lose touch with their previous character and personality. If well utilized, divorce can provide a process of rediscovery for a man who was already in contention with his personal.

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