10 Divorce Facts to Consider

Divorce is never an easy thing. A study in the United Kingdom found that more than 50 percent of all divorces regret their decision in the future. Making such a significant life change should be done with careful consideration. In the United States, more than two-thirds of all divorces are filed by women. Here are some other divorce facts that many people don’t know:

1. On average, it takes about three years to move on after a divorce. Breaking up is hard to do, but it takes a toll on both the mental and physical being.

2. Divorcing increases a man’s risk of heart attacks, depression, and even suicide. While most men try to remain tough, losing a life partner is devastating to them.

3. Social media is often to blame for many divorces. In fact, in Italy, divorce petitions mention the site WhatsApp in nearly half of the petitions. Old fashioned communication just isn’t what it used to be.

4. Financial matters seem to be the number one reason for divorce, followed by infidelity. When couples have more money, they tend to fight less. Money woes can be a significant conflict.

5. Those who are married to their career, often have their marriages end in nuptial doom. However, there were only two U.S. Presidents that are divorced. Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are the only two to serve as Commander and Chief who have ended a marriage.

6. Though people often say that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, those are old statistics from the 1980’s. The rate of successful marriages has increased. The rate of failure is around 40 percent today.

7. Children seem to be significantly affected by divorce as one in four families will face such a break-up. Additionally, over one million people have parents who divorce each year in the U.S.

8. Divorce is illegal in three places: Philippines, Malta, and Vatican City. All three of these areas is because of the massive Catholic influence and traditional beliefs.

9. Being married multiple times seems to be taking a significant risk. While about 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce, the number increases to 60 percent in the second round. Shockingly, for a third marriage, the divorce rate rises to 73 percent.

10. The average time for divorce proceedings in the United States is around one-year.

Divorce facts help put things into perspective. Choosing to end a union is not easy, and it can be a costly and drawn out process. The important thing is to have a lawyer helping through these difficult times.

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