Finding Legal Help From Top Attorneys

Finding legal help can be a daunting task for anyone. Taking things one step at a time can be extremely helpful in any tough legal situation. Finding legitimate help isn’t always easy but, by understanding the different types of legal assistance that is available to you, you’re well on your way.  We will breakout the different types of legal help you may need and provide additional resources you can use in order to make the best decision for your legal needs.

1. Types of Legal

Family & Divorce Lawyers
A family law attorney can help deal with legal issues related to your family. Whether it be child custody, adoptions, divorce, alimony or even prenuptial agreements a family law attorney can help with the legal process to ease your mind and streamline your case.

Personal Injury
When an individual has been injured in a public place and has paid for or needs medical treatments a personal injury attorney can be extremely helpful. When hiring a personal injury attorney, you may be able to get medical expenses covered, make up for lost wages and receive compensation for pain and suffering.

The role of an immigration lawyer is usually seen as an advisor to help foreign citizens and immigrants enter or remain in the United States legally. Immigration lawyers can help guide clients through visa or permanent resident application process. If needed, an immigration lawyer will appear in court to present their client’s case in front of a judge.

Criminal lawyers as well as public defenders work to defend individuals, entities and organizations who are charged with a crime. Crimes like domestic violence, sex crimes, drug crimes and even DUI fall under the spectrum of a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer can help by investigating the case and interviewing witnesses, building a defense case and negotiate plea bargaining.

When debt gets out of control and becomes a huge burden, some people may consider a bankruptcy attorney. A Bankruptcy attorney can help figure out what type of bankruptcy you should file (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) and helps with legal paperwork from start to finish. Bankruptcy attorneys also help during the litigation process that follows after filing.

2. How to Research

You know which type of attorney you need for your case, now what? Finding a good attorney should be next on your list. The great thing is that there are many reviews from former clients you can find online. Sites like Better Business Bureau, Avvo and are great places to see others’ experiences with their cases. When reading reviews look for descriptions of the attorney’s communication skills, analytical skills, research skills and people skills. These qualities will all be necessary through your legal case.

3. Pro Bono

In some cases, hiring a lawyer can sound costly, but there are options so you can obtain legal help at no cost otherwise called Pro Bono Attorneys. There are free benefits which are given by legal counselors and lawyers who practice various areas of law.

The reason legal services are sometimes offered at no cost is because the American Bar Association encourages attorneys to utilize an amount of their time to clients with low income at no expense to them. Consider searching for a free lawyer when conceivable or in high need.

Here are a few steps you can take to find no cost or pro bono legal support.

  1. Contact the city courthouse. When in certain types of legal trouble, the court may appoint a public defender at no cost to you.
  2. Seek free lawyer consultations. Some legal offices offer a consultation before you hire them for your case. Ask for this service when contacting the legal office of your choice.
  3. Look to legal aid societies. Local legal aid society is a welfare provision by the state to people that cannot afford legal aid. Each state has their own and can be found here.
  4. Visit a law school. Many law schools offer free legal advice from professors as well as law students. Contact a near by campus to see if they offer legal assistance.
  5. Contact your county or state bar association. Each state has their own bar association and will have information on available legal support.

4. Other Legal Help Options

Find additional legal help here and you can search for lawyers here. More pro bono attorneys are listed in the American Bar Association Pro Bono public service page. Some firms and attorneys listed offer 24/7 consultations and guidance.