Family Lawyers

by Calyn Ehid

Family lawyers are important in the society for they guide their clients in making legal decisions. They help clients to understand their rights and they guide families towards adhering to the laws of the land. Family law includes issues like divorce, child custody, paternity among other family matters.

Divorce lawyers

Divorce lawyers assist clients in understanding what divorce entails. They also assist clients in knowing their rights in the legal process. Divorce is a formal process and that is why legal advice is required.

The client needs to understand the implications of divorce before going ahead with the process. There are several reasons that the; law accepts as a solid reason for divorce.

These are: committing adultery, couples separating for more than five years regardless of whether the other partner consents and separating with a partner for more than two years with consent from the other partner.

Another reason for divorce is unreasonable behavior from the other partner. Divorce is only acceptable when the couple has been married for one year or more.

Child custody

After divorce, there is a need for parents to decide on how they are going to take care of children. A parent can decide to seek the custody of their child if the other parent does not honor the agreement they made after divorce.

Physical custody grants permission for a parent to live with a child. In the case of joint physical custody, the child can spend a specific amount of time with one parent and the other hours with the other parent.

Legal custody allows the parent to make decisions on medical, religious and education matters. The parents can also agree to have joint legal custody where they make the decision together.

Sole custody is granted to one parent if the other parent is unfit to care for the child. This includes physical or mental aspects.

Cost and Affordability of Family Lawyers

The cost and affordability of family lawyers are determined by several factors. The use of expertise and specialist when solving a case in a court of law adds an additional fee to the process.

For example, in a custody case, the child may need the help of a psychologist in order to overcome to understand how divorce will affect their life. Miscellaneous fees are also part of the expenses included during the payment.

This includes the cost of filing or payment given to a third party. Attorney fees take the most significant percentage of payments. Each attorney charges differently and each party is expected to pay the agreed fee.

Family lawyers have grown in demand over the years. Many people are acquiring the services of these lawyers because they are assured of proper representation in a family court.

The fact that there is a different reason why people separate, increases the need for a lawyer who will take the couple who wants to divorce through the various steps of divorce.

When a divorce attorney takes your case, you get to understand your rights and privileges after a divorce. You can also find additional legal aid here and you can search for a lawyer here.