7 Things You Should Know After DUI Arrest

Have you ever been arrested because you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? This can be a nerve-wracking and scary experience. How is it possible to get out of a DUI charge? Every DUI arrest begins with a traffic stop. You may be pulled over by a police officer because they noticed you break a law of the road or you exhibiting a suspicious behavior. You can also get arrested at a DUI checkpoint where officers are specifically looking for signs of drug or alcohol use. Regardless of where the arrest took place, it can be an overwhelming experience. With the help of our guide below, you can better prepare yourself in the case of it ever happening to you. Through key seven steps, we will take you through the DUI information you should know after an arrest. Remember, a bad situation tends to cause stress. It’s hard to think clearly during stress, possibly resulting in more bad decisions. You may think being arrested for a DUI is the end of the world, & it is in fact a major offense. Despite that, there are many components in DUI cases. This is where confusion & stress plays a factor. You may have heard or read rumors about other unique DUI cases & their results. This may be very misleading. Every DUI case is unique & will have different results. All that said, be very pro-active with your case.

Here are 7 Essential Tips to Know After You Are Arrested for DUI:

1. Speak To A Lawyer

The first thing you should do is take a deep breath, relax & accept the situation. Keep your hands on the wheel and give your license and registration to law enforcement when they request it. When they ask you to get out of your vehicle, do it slowly, and pay attention to their instructions. You will be handcuffed and taken to the backseat of their car, but just keep calm and accept the situation. The last thing you want to do is panic and get charged with more than just a DUI. The most important thing that comes next is speaking to an attorney. The attorney will break down your unique case & layout a plan. If you need legal assistance you can also find additional legal aid here and you can search for a lawyer here.