About Bail Bonds & How It Works

How Do Bail Bonds Operate?

Most people have heard of the idea of having someone bailed out of jail, but many of us do not really understand what that means. To some it sounds like something bad, like someone who has done wrong getting away with it. The reality of the situation is a little more complicated than that though. In truth, bail bonds serve an important role in the justice system.

Bonds Allow People Out For As Little As Ten Percent

A good piece of bail bond information to know is that if you are ever charged with a crime, you will most likely only have to pay ten percent of whatever the court orders as your bail. This is because the bail bonds companies will front the rest of the money to you as long as you make your court appearances.

You pay the bail bondsman the ten percent of the total bail ordered by the court, and he then puts up the rest of your money. The court orders you to make all of your court appearances (or else face more charges), and if you do, then the bail bondsman gets his money back from the court.

It Is Possible To Contact Bail Bonds Companies From A Holding Cell

For most crimes, the police department has to put their suspect into a holding cell for at least some period of time. This is a temporary area to place a person until they are able to find more permanent accommodations for that individual seeking trial. In many of these holding cells there is information with the phone numbers for bail bonds companies as well as phones to make those calls.

Bail bond information up on the wall like this helps those who have been arrested find who they need to in order to help them get out of the predicament that they find themselves in. At the same time, it helps to reduce some of the overcrowding in the jails.

Most Bonding Companies Are Open Twenty-Four Hours A Day

For the most part, bonding companies are open twenty-four hours per day. The owners know that people can get in trouble with the law at any point in time. This is why they must remain open constantly in order to provide their services to people when they are most in need. Always assume that they are open and that you can reach someone there no matter when it is that you might need to make that call.

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