Divorce: Behind The Numbers

Divorce Statistics, Men, Women & Divorce

Research done by National Center for Health Statistics shows that almost 50% of the marriages in the US end in divorce where women initiate 80% of those divorces. These divorce statistics show that more men than women are not satisfied with their marriage, to the point that they decide to end them. Getting divorced is not an easy task, and those who have experienced it in most cases have a misguided understanding of it. There are several Misconceptions of divorce and the way women react to them.

3 Common Misconceptions About Divorce & How Women Typically React to It

1. The Divorce Process Favors Women

In the past, women would receive full custody of the child, but nowadays the situation is different. Courts prefer 50/50 custody arrangement since it assumes that a frequent contact between the child and both parents is essential. During property division, courts look at their number but not gender. Many women are comfortable with this; bringing up a child alone is not a simple task.

2. Divorce Is Always a Battle

Many people, especially women, begin the process of divorce thinking that it will be a courtroom battle. There are however divorces that are argumentative, but many others are done through mediation, and when that happens both parties are satisfied and happy that everything was not contentious.

3. It is Easy to Avoid Emotions In a Divorce

Many divorcing couples think that it is possible to undergo the process of divorce without emotional aspect, but this is not the case. During this process, emotions come rolling down especially in a courtroom and therefore is essential for the divorcing couple to seek therapist’s help.

What Are the Usual Outcomes for Women & Divorce?

In their early stages, women in a divorce process experience betrayal, loss, shock or a combination of all but it is it natural for some days to be more difficult than others. These feeling can sometimes drain women both emotionally and physically and make them make a poor judgment when it comes to personal finances. For them to comfortably face the process, then being organized is essential on issues related to facts and figures and document that they are supposed to handle to the legal team.

Pros vs. Cons of Divorce

Pros of Divorce

• If there is domestic violence, then divorce is the only way that the victim of the abuse can live happily.
• In the case where a man is unfaithful, then there is a need to divorce; any woman deserves to be treated better.
• Divorce can free a woman from an emotional unsuitability situation and free her to build a better life on her own or through the help of another person.

Cons of Divorce

• There is a possibility that the woman will suffer financially from the divorce due to a decrease in income.
• The relationship with the spouse, friends, and family is likely to change such that if a woman is close to the spouse family, then that is not expected anymore.
• Emotional pain caused by divorce can take longer to heal regardless of the reason that led to divorce.

There are pros and cons of a divorce, and therefore it is crucial for both parties to go through them before initiating the process of divorce. They should try to solve their marital problems amicably to avoid this painful experience.

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