Divorce Facts & Myths

by Frank

When couples get married, the last thing on their mind is divorce. Couples seek divorce for reasons like perceived character flaws, lack of emotional connection, heated arguments, poor communication, and loneliness. While many couples presume that their lives after divorce will be happier and easier, the truth is that the process is painful and more complicated than people expect. There are numerous divorce myths a lot of people have grown to believe to be true.

Contrary to popular belief, the divorce rate is not 50%. This figure was estimated when the divorce rates were on the rise back in the 80s. A study conducted by the New York Times last December found out that there was a drop-in divorce rates. This could mean that there is a good possibility of enjoying a happily ever after.

Here are some popular divorce facts & myths:

The Cost and Wedding Size Depict the Length of a Marriage

There’s been a belief that marriage duration and wedding expenses could be inversely correlated. However, no study has pinpointed which wedding inexpensive or expensive could have a higher chance of ending up in divorce. However, matched expectations and being appreciative, generous and empathetic are gauges that could help determine the longevity of marriage.

Most Divorce Cases are Settled In Court

The truth is that only a few divorce cases end up in court. Experienced divorce attorneys opt for a settlement rather than a trial. Trials escalate the cost of a divorce and could lead to more hatred.

One in Two Marriages End in Divorce

People are now marrying later in life as opposed to their younger years. Maturity is helping people stay together for longer. Research estimates that only 15% of those who got married in the 2000s have divorced. With this statistic, divorce will be unlikely.

Having Children Prevents Divorce

Most couples believe that children provide a common interest and focus on the family. However, statistics show that the number of divorcing couples with children has been on the rise. Nonetheless, the studies do not indicate if the number of divorces would have been smaller or larger if there had been fewer or more couples with children.

Living Together Before Marriage Will Prevent Divorce

Studies conducted have found that those who live together before marriage have a higher chance of ending up in a divorce. This is because most people who move in together tend to be young and inexperienced. Older couples are choosing to live apart, but manage to keep their marriages alive, happy, and healthy.

When getting a divorce, you’re likely to get advice from family and friends. However, each case is different. Separating divorce facts & myths will help make the transition smooth.

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