Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for an Auto Accident

by Frank

Experiencing a car accident whether at fault or not often leads to major complications in your life. Some of these complications result in financial and legal challenges of which you are both not expecting and unqualified to navigate alone. Benefits of hiring an attorney for an auto accident are multiple. Yes, lawyers charge fees but the expense is often worth the price if you avoid jail, keep your driver’s license, or get the injury settlement you deserve. Read ahead for an informative guide on the benefits of hiring an attorney for an auto accident today.

Car Accident Attorneys – What They Do

A car accident lawyer deals with a combination of personal injury, traffic laws, insurance claims and multiple other issues relevant to automobile accidents. The most common adverse results from car accidents involve financial loss, injury, and death. Filing a claim with your insurance company in a prompt and accurate manner is essential to getting the coverage results you deserve. A car accident lawyer helps you get claims filed fast. Car accident attorneys also follow up with your insurance company and push to expedite delayed claims. They also contact insurance companies who cover other people involved in the accident. This is especially common and helpful when another driver is at fault.

Medical Issues and Expenses

Complicated medical issues are often an unfortunate result of injuries sustained in car accidents. These medical issues lead to additional expenses, which might or might not be covered by your insurance company. A car accident lawyer helps you get the treatment you need. Attorneys also guide you on how to handle your behavior and demeanor in court. A particular decorum is expected, and most people are unaware of how to acclimate to these nuances without guidance from a professional experienced lawyer.

Your Rights

You have rights after a car accident and your attorney helps you understand those rights. If another driver was at fault for the accident, you have rights to be compensated for the resulting damages. Laws pursuant to automobile accidents do vary in each U.S. state. A car accident attorney understands the laws relevant to the state in which he or she practices and passes that knowledge to you as applicable. Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to deny payments to those entitled to receive them. An experienced lawyer understands the way these scenarios commonly play out, knows what to expect and gets the insurance providers to issue payouts as required.

Paperwork and Additional Services

Paperwork involved with car accidents and insurance claims is often time-consuming, tedious, and confusing. A car accident attorney helps you complete and file all necessary paperwork and documents to make sure your case avoids unexpected delays due to clerical errors. Additional services car accident attorneys provide include:

  • Organize and submit your medical records.
  • Reduce or remove liens against you.
  • Communicate with doctors and medical staff to obtain everything required to prove damages pursuant to your claim.
  • Organize all evidence relative to the accident and your insurance claim.
  • Negotiate settlement amounts you deserve.
  • Locate missing medical records.
  • Handle vehicle repair or replacement compensation claims.
  • File lost wages claims.
  • Pursue settlements for pain and suffering when appliable.
  • Collect evidence to prove you were not at fault.
  • Strategize your defense and ways to reduce your penalties or fines.
  • File appeals if you lose your case or challenge a verdict or result.
  • Reduce DUI license suspension lengths if applicable.
  • Help apply for a hardship license if relevant.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney After Your Car Accident

A car accident is a traumatic experience for all people involved especially when injuries occur. Navigating the legal system is challenging enough for people inexperienced with traffic laws and courtrooms, let alone for those suffering the consequences of an auto accident. Many reasons to hire an attorney exist but five main reasons are worth consideration.

1. Personal Injury Litigation Is Complicated

Personal injury litigation and laws pursuant to automobile accidents are extremely complicated. Even if you are the at fault driver you still have rights. An experienced attorney knows the system inside and out and helps get your through your case with the best results possible.

2. Insurance Companies Occasionally Default

Your insurance provider is supposed to protect you, but this does not always happen as expected. Sometimes insurance companies wrongfully deny payouts for qualified injuries. A car accident attorney helps get you the compensation you deserve.

3. Severe Injuries Limit What You Can Handle

Serious injuries causing permanent disabilities and loss of wages require complicated litigation processes and potentially high settlement amounts. They also prevent you from properly handling normal daily activities, let alone activities involved with legal system. If you are unable to work because of your injuries or simply need assistance filing basic insurance claims, your automobile accident attorney can help.

4. You Are Falsely Accused

The at-fault driver in your accident might lie and blame you for causing the incident. Police and witnesses do their best but sometimes make mistakes. When you are falsely accused as the at-fault driver your attorney defends you in court.

5. You Are Unaware of Your Case’s Value

A professional attorney has many years of experience dealing with car accidents and their associated financial settlements. He or she will know the true value of your case and potential settlement, but you likely will not. Attorneys for other drivers and even those representing insurance companies will attempt to pay you less than your case is worth. Your car accident attorney will strive to get you top-dollar from the opening of your case to its conclusion.

Reasons to Not Represent Yourself

Many people hesitate to hire an attorney after a car accident because they believe they cannot afford one. Car accident lawyers often only get paid when your case is won, however. Self-representation almost always fails as well. You deserve the best result and hiring an experienced attorney helps you attain it.

Tips for Finding a Great Auto Attorney

Multiple online resources are available for finding a great auto attorney today. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) helps seniors find great legal representation. publicly displays the wins and losses records of any attorneys you consult. Additional resources for finding a great auto attorney after your accident include: