Myths About Bail Bonds and The Bail Bond Industry

by Frank

Do you have some notions about what bail bonds are and how they operate? If so, you are not alone. It seems that there are a lot of people out there with misconceptions about this industry. Today we seek to dispel some of these old myths and replace them with bail bond facts.

Myth 1: Bail Bonds Are a Dirty Business

Why would you ever want to deal with a bail bonds business? This is the way of thinking coming from some people. They believe that the whole industry is corrupt and dirty. They imagine shabby storefronts in bad parts of town. However, this is just an old and outdated way of thinking about an industry that has changed quite a bit over the years.

There are shops that specialize in this type of financing all throughout the town. They spring up in all kinds of different locations. The movies may show them in one light, but that is often a very skewed image that simply does not live up to the reality of a very dynamic industry.

Myth 2: Bail Puts Dangerous People Back on The Streets

The clear majority of people who are arrested are not violent at all. The courts consider the severity of a crime and if the person is a first-time offender or not before they ever set bail. It is their task and responsibility to make sure they do offer bail to someone who may pose a threat to the community. Among bail bond facts, this is one of the truths that needs to get out most of all.

There are good people who are simply caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time who end up needing the bail that they are issued by the court to get out. It is a good thing this system is available for people like that. As for violent criminals, they would not be offered bail by the court system in the first place.

Myth 3: You Get Your Money Back From The Bail Bondsman Once Your Case Is Over

This one is simply false. The bail bondsman gets to keep his ten percent cut when you are done with your case. The service that he or she is providing is fronting the money to cover your bond in the meantime. You are just paying ten percent of what the court really demands. Therefore, the bail bondsman gets to keep the percentage that you pay to him or her for this service.

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