Success of Personal Injury Cases

by Frank

How Often Are Personal Injury Cases Successful?

People always wonder how often personal injury cases are successful (particularly if they are about to file one) in court. This isn’t entirely surprising given the fact that most of the civil litigation that occurs in America involves personal injury of some kind according to

It is common for someone to bring a lawsuit after something like a car accident, or perhaps after something has happened to them while they were in the workplace. Whatever the case may be, they probably want to file suit to regain some of the monetary damages that they have lost. This is what personal injury lawyers are for, and they work on these types of cases all the time.

Choosing Cases

Personal injury lawyers are not likely to take up a personal injury case without careful consideration about their odds of winning that case. This is the case because many of these attorneys work on contingency. This means that their ability to get paid is contingent on their client winning a settlement or jury verdict. In other words, the case must be a pretty strong one for an attorney to bother taking it up in the first place.

Slam Dunk Cases

Personal injury lawyers are always looking for the cases that are the easiest to win. For many attorneys, this means considering car accident cases. They are considered “slam dunk” cases if there are injuries involved and their client is not at fault. This is because there is an easy to monetarily calculate injury as well as an insurance company on the other side of the transaction who will likely be the one who pays out on this type of thing. Put another way, they have a target with deep pockets that they can easily sue. Still, even with these cases, Plaintiff’s win only about sixty-one percent of the time when taken to a jury.

Settling Cases

The clear majority of all civil cases are settled before trial. The reason for this is because the Defendants would like to pay out as little money as possible on their end. At the same time, Plaintiffs would like to remove the risk of a jury trial and spend as little time as possible to earn their money. Given this, many cases that are taken on by an attorney will be successful in the sense that they will reach a settlement of some kind. Those who have an attorney on standby waiting to help them can take comfort in the fact that they have decent odds of at least getting a settlement. If you need legal assistance you can also find additional legal aid here and you can search for a lawyer here.